Homeowner FAQs

How will an interested renter contact me?

Renters will contact you directly by telephone or email through your listing. All rental advertisements provide the owner's contact information, however, your email address will be hidden from visitors. You may opt to keep your telephone number private, which will leave the website inquiry form as your preferred and sole method of communication.

How do I add photos to my listing?

To add photos simply login, click the Edit button associated with your listing, then click Manage Photos. From there you can select the photos from your local computer you wish to upload and store with your listing. You can change the photos any time you wish, as often as you wish.

What size do my photos need to be?

Potential guests want to see large, high-quality photos. It helps them trust the property description and greatly improves the performance of the listing. The uploaded images should be at least 1132 pixels wide and 768 pixels high.

I'm having difficulty uploading my photos?

If you are currently trying to upload your photos, here is a video explaining how to perform this operation. This form should NOT be filled in with a web address.

Once you are on the Photos tab for your listing click on the Browse button for a dialog box. Navigate the file system on your computer until you find the image file you want to upload. Click on the file, then click Open. This will set the path to your image file in the text box. Next, click Upload Photo and wait while the file is uploaded from your computer to our web site. The screen will not change until the transfer is complete. If the file is large or your connection is slow, this step could take several minutes.

What if my photos are already somewhere out on the Internet?

If you have no photos on your local computer, but have some on the Internet you will have to download them onto your computer before uploading them to our website. To download photos, use your browser to view the photos and place the mouse pointer over the photo itself. Click the right mouse button. A menu will appear. Select "Save Picture As" on the menu. This will bring up a dialog box that will give you a choice of where to save the photo and under what name. The original name of the photo will appear. You should change it to something simple using only letters, numbers and dashes. This can be done by clicking in the area with the filename and changing it. Photos should be saved somewhere on your computer that you will remember, like on your desktop. Click the "Save" button to transfer the photo. Once downloaded to your local computer you can upload them to our site using the instructions above.

Important note about thumbnail photos: Often when viewing a web site that contains your photos, a smaller photo will be displayed and when you click it, a larger copy of the photo will be displayed. The smaller photo is called a thumbnail. When taking photos from the internet, make sure you do not save the thumbnail. Click the thumbnail and save the larger photo, as described above. If you upload a thumbnail it will not display properly. The image will be small and/or blurry.

How do I modify my listing?

You have full access to your listing 24 hours a day. You can modify any portion of your listing at any time including the pictures. To make changes simply click on the "Owner Login" link. Once logged in, click "Edit Listing" and then use the tabs on top to navigate to the appropriate section of your listing.

How do I change my email address, password and contact information?

Go to the "Owner Login" link. Once logged in, click on "My Profile". You can make all changes from a single page. If necessary, each listing can have separate contact information by clicking on "Edit Listing".

How do I request a new city or location be added?

If you are posting your property and do not see your city or location, just contact us. We will research your request and get back to you. Until a decision is made, we suggest you place your listing in the closest listed region.

What is the cost to list a vacation rental?

We offer a 90 DAY FREE trial period for you to list and evaluate your ad's performance - No Credit Card Needed.  See free trial options and pricing for annual subscriptions . There are no additional fees or commissions charged on any bookings generated from the website.

Why am I getting plenty of visits/inquiries but no bookings?

Perhaps your rental rate is too high. Compare it with other owners in your area and bedroom size, just as the vacationers do. Our belief is that if you take any given ten rentals in an area, 3 will get 50% of the inquiries, 6 will split the remaining 50% and one will get very few. The main determinant? Price.

Do you process payments for reservations?

No. We do not have payment processing in place for reservations. We feel it is best to leave it up to the individual homeowner to determine the best way to accept payments for reservations.

Options for accepting payments for reservations include checks, of course. For accepting payments online, some options include using any of the following:

  • PayPal : There is a 2.9% + 30¢ Credit Card Transaction Fee. We recommend having a Business Standard Account for greater flexibility. There is no monthly fee with a Business Standard Account. You can easily send invoices for payments and you can transfer money to your bank account free. With the Business Standard account you can also get a credit card reader that works on tablets and smart phones.
  • Square : Invoices are free to send. Pay 2.9% + 30¢ per invoice when customers pay with credit or debit online. Pay just 3.5% + 15¢ to charge customers instantly when they authorize you to keep a card on file. See funds from paid invoices deposited directly into your bank account in one to two business days.

Of course, you are free to use whatever payment processing option you wish. We do not restrict you in any way. Choose whatever payment options make the most sense for you and your renters.

Can you list or modify my listing for me?

Yes, we can create your listing for $50US. Modifications are usually performed au gratis, but complex changes may require a small modification fee. In most instances you can use the "Owner Login" link to modify your listing yourself. If you require help with changes or photos, please see other questions in this FAQ.

Can I include a second or third rental unit on my property listing?

Yes. Homeowners can list multiple properties. The price for each property listing is $99 or $199 depending on your service level. All listings for each account must have the same service level. 

I received a suspicious email, what do I do?

Usually emails with poor grammar, spelling, odd use of capital letters and/or asking you to wire money or participate in an unusual bank transaction are scams. The sender is usually attempting to obtain money, personal information or your email address. We recommend that you let us know you received this through our service and delete the message without responding. For further information about internet fraud and fake check scams, see fraud.org.

How can I protect myself from potential fraud?

Be sure to provide a property lease/legal agreement, and insist on exact payment. One popular scam is the "Renter Overpayment Scam" where a renter will send you an inquiry which may seem legitimate and suggest he sends you more than your rental fees and ask you wire back the difference. The check that he will send is fake (the bank takes several weeks to catch it) and by then you have sent the difference back and will be unable to recover it. We suggest you insist on exact payment or if you do accept an overpayment wait at least 30 days before returning any funds. See fraud.org for more information.

What should I know about vacation rental sales tax?

Start by contacting the Curacaon government about requirements specific to your location. You will need a business license and are required to collect 7% tourist tax, which must be remitted to the government for each occupied period. Remittance can be done monthly or yearly. It is recommended to have a local accountant in Curacao to handle these payments.